"I've stopped thinking. and i'm dumb waiting for the Great Mystery hug. I've been looking for it wandering about the streets in a city that doesn't belong to me, I've been looking for it letting water drop on me to shut my pain up. yet i've just met the other's rage and i've been annihilated. like i was annihilated as a child before someone raising their voice, a slap in the face i didn't understand. i'm not cut out for life. i don't have nails. i always expect understanding, explanations, love. but i can't change. and i'll keep on roaming with my disability to live, listening to the distant echo of the Great Mystery which will ease my pain. i don't know how to live but i know how to love. and i'll keep on walking trying not to to tread on the ant crossing my path." Batsceba Hardy

"Since I was a child, I always felt as if I were in a "reserve" in my own land. Sometimes I meet someone who like me lives in a reserve, and this makes me feel less lonely. The funny thing is that despite knowing how stupid and accidental life is, I can’t help but thinking that all people could live a better life. I am aware that everything around us is superfluous, even this means of communication which I am using right now. Humanity has made no progress, only in the technology which will destroy it. But maybe my reserve will become the world." Batsceba Hardy

"I’m living as a native american, dialoguing with The Great Mistery and waiting for my Vision. For the time being I have dreamt my totemic animal, the tiger - I’m not interested in technology, I know what a computer is but to me it is magic. I talk to animals and sometimes they answer." Batsceba Hardy

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Corrosion - Desire 

Chronicle of the Body
“I’m a bit claustrophobic, I know that now.” David Hockney

Photographies as fractions of thinking
Chronicle of the Body
The colour is obtained exclusively with colour Subtraction, in an emotive playing of light blue, rose and grey.


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In my intricate image

Secret Garden
Void enlighted
to live is to die




I've found out I'm one and trine

The first me is dead

The second me is living

The third me is... watching

But I'm not God. I'm just myself

ho scoperto di essere una e trina

la prima è morta

la seconda vive

la terza... sta a guardare

ma non sono Dio, sono solo Io



I am out of my body.
                                  it means that my body is itself,
                                                                                       it means that my soul has left my body alone.



Shadows and Light



Void is white, speckled as Berlin's sky.

                                                                  reassuring as the embrace of fog on a cold morning.

It runs inside us as the clouds carried by the wind.

                                                                                     Void is us, back in front in the middle.




Just to feel the sunshine down upon my soul

i am what I imagine. my very existence consists in my imagination of myself



I wish I was

close to me
And the wind belongs to no-one
I am not human

What hurts the most is not the fact that the other doesn’t love you anymore.

It’s that he/she doesn’t allow you to keep loving him/her.

And i don’t want to explain such words of mine.

Not even discuss them. (Batsceba Hardy)